Should I take my Child to an Orthodontist?

Many people wonder what the difference between dentists and orthodontists is and when it might be the right time to take their child to an orthodontist.

Dentists focus on the comprehensive health and cleanliness of the mouth and teeth, which includes searching for cavities and analyzing brushing and flossing habits. Even though they assess all of the teeth, they don’t always assess how the upper teeth and the lower teeth come together.

Orthodontists like Dr. Vu, on the other hand, specialize in assessing the bite and how the teeth sit when closed together. Both the lower jaw and the upper jaw are also analyzed because even though the teeth may look straight, any anomalies in the bite can be an issue.

Overall, orthodontists’ main goal is to transform bad bites into healthy bites.The team at Bloom Orthodontics focuses on creating healthy bites, which are good for basic functions including talking and eating. Healthy bites also indicate that the jaws and teeth are proportionate to the remainder of a child’s face.

Children have a combination of permanent teeth and baby teeth when they are about seven years old, so it is recommended you bring your child in before he or she turns eight. When you bring your child to Bloom Orthodontics in Long Beach, California, the team will take into account the growth of your child as well as the mixture of his or her baby and permanent teeth. Dr. Vu has the unique training that allows her to assess whether or not a problem exists or if a problem may arise in the future.

Oftentimes, it is a child’s parents who first recognize signs that something might be wrong with the child’s teeth or jaws. For example, the child’s upper teeth may be set inside the lower teeth or vice versa. Also, the child’s front teeth may not close together when the child’s back teeth touching.

Many parents expect their child’s dentist to notice the abnormality and refer him or her to an orthodontist right away; however, the dentist may not evaluate the child’s bite so a referral may not be provided. The good news is that you don’t need to get a referral from your child’s dentist to see Dr. Vu at Bloom Orthodontics in Long Beach, California.

Board-certified orthodontists are all specially skilled and you will no doubt be getting quality service for your child when you come to see Dr. Vu and her team. Not only do orthodontists specialize in orthodontics, but they also specialize in the proper alignment of the jaws and teeth (i.e. dentofacial orthodontics). You can get a no-cost exam with no obligations when you come for a consultation. Call Bloom Orthodontics today to request an appointment for your child.