Bloom Orthodontics Reviews

 Bloom Orthodontic’s 5 Star Reviews On Yelp

This office is excellent for many reasons. First and foremost, Dr. Nguyen is so talented and knowledgeable. She knows exactly what is she doing. She has graduated from one of the best dentistry schools in the country which is USC. Her assistants, Priscilla and her friends, are nice and easy to deal with. The receptionist is very good and gives you flexible appointments. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family members.

Ibrahim A.

I just got my braces off after two years and I am so happy with the results! Dr. Nguyen and her team are so nice and they truly performed a miracle for me! Thank you Bloom Ortho!

Allison C.

I came in to get my teeth whitened, I get my trays in a few days, so I will update with pictures to follow.

-attentive office staff
-Dr. Nguyen is great at explaining the procedures and directions on mouth at home care
-friendly environment
-complimentary breakfast pastries and fruit platter
-professional setting
-overall open availability/accommodating for scheduling appointments

-none! Would recommend to anyone needing to get braces, Invisalign, etc. and teeth whitening

Quyen V.

Dr Nguyen is very nice and informative. I was seen for a consultation, and she explained which options were available for me. I was also given pricing information for the three options that were available. The doctor also provided me time to ask her questions; as well as, gave me some things to think about before moving forward. Unfortunately, their office is closed on Saturdays. This would make it difficult for me to have visits (every 4 weeks) for maintenance over the course of the next 12 to 18 months. I don’t think my employer would approve.

Elle W.

Dr. Nguyen made my experience a very pleasant one. She’s very informative in her procedures and makes sure her patients are as comfortable as can be. Highly recommend!

Nancy P.

Dr. Nguyen is amazing!!!! My mom use to never smile with teeth because she was embarrassed about her teeth. My mom went to one orthodontist and they said since her roots were weak it was not recommended that she get braces, we went to Dr. Nguyen and with her expertise and guidance Dr.Nguyen let us know there may be a risk but we can slowly move the teeth so that it will minimize risk. My mom’s dream is to have straight beautiful teeth so she moved forward with Dr. Nguyen. After 18 months my mom is now soooo happy and smiles showing her beautiful straight teeth everyday! Thank Dr.Nguyen for making my mom’s dream come true!!! With my mom’s experience I look forward to having Dr. Nguyen help me with invisalign since after braces I did not continue with wearing my retainers!

Cherri P.

Dr. Nguyen is great! Very informative and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with her treating my son and I myself decided to get my teeth straightened with invisalign. I am very happy with my results thus far. The office as a whole is awesome, very professional and attentive. All appointments are on time. I highly recommend Bloom Orthodontics.

Robert H.

Okay, we all know having braces is not so fun. But, the experience is not so bad if you go to this office. My son has ADHD and he kept breaking brackets the first year. They were so patient and kind. The office is very friendly and low key. I honestly can say that I will miss seeing them! Most important is the outcome. His teeth and overbite are corrected. His teeth look SMASHING…..radiant, gorgeous!

Mark J.

Great experience with this Orthodontist.  They are great with children.  They  explain what they will do, how much it will cost and deliver quality results.  They wait on patients in a very reasonable time of their appointment.  The staff is helpful and friendly.  They provide great quality snacks and coffee/tea, etc. while you wait.

Marlene B.