Orthodontics and Insurance

Orthodontic care is an important part of dentistry that helps correct misalignment of teeth and bad bites, amongst other problems. Orthodontic treatments and procedures often result in costly expenditures to cover the costs of regularly changing rubbers, continuous check-ups to monitor progression and other related expenses. Fortunately, there are several dental insurance companies that offer great rates to cover orthodontic procedures and care.

When selecting a dental insurance company, be sure to get a full overview of the benefits offered and the costs associated with the various plans that are available. As always, be weary of inexpensive options as it is likely that these offer minimal coverage with high deductions. Due to continuously changing regulations, the dental and orthodontic care plans offered by insurance companies is always fluctuating so be sure to get in touch with your insurance provider before proceeding with any orthodontic work. Be on the lookout for details including plan waiting periods, running costs, membership fees and co-payments when deciding on a dental and orthodontic insurance plan.

Types of dental insurance

Dental insurance is often obtained through employer-sponsored insurance coverage. If you are currently employed by a company that oversees your medical insurance plans, enquire about potential coverage for orthodontic treatment. Although orthodontic care plans are often available only to children under the age of 18, there might be an option to extend the plan to cover you or your spouse for adult orthodontic care. Make sure to find out if there are any requirements with regards to seeing care providers within the insurer’s network!

Individual dental insurance plans are offered by most companies and are also available through the Affordable Care Act. Individual dental insurance plans offer various benefits and deductibles, allowing you to select a plan that best fits your needs and budget. Delta Dental USA, Covered California and CalDentalPlans offer private dental insurance options in California, while the eHealth website can be used to help find affordable insurance plans tailored to meet your individual needs. Everything from discounted plans to prepaid options, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance options are available across a wide network of dental providers.

Dental savings plans, also known as discount plans, do not actually comprise an insurance plan but do allow for dental services to be purchased at lower costs. Network dentists that form part of savings plans for orthodontia offer significant discounts on procedures. These savings plans are often accompanied by non-refundable registration fees and yearly contributions so be sure to find out as much information as possible before signing up! Discount plans are especially useful as a supplement to existing dental insurance plans that do not offer cover for orthodontic treatments and similar cosmetic procedures.

Bloom Orthodontics and insurance

Bloom Orthodontics has agreements with most major insurers – simply call our office or use this contact form to find out more about potential co-payments and existing dental plan agreements with regards to your existing dental insurance coverage. We’re here to help you love your smile!