Making Orthodontics a Priority in 2020

By now, you have likely put away the holiday decorations. The kids have gone back to school. Work is back into full swing and life in general is picking up its pace, which for many adults and families is a frantic one. It can be difficult to take care of the regular things that come up in a day, let alone the things of which you would like to take care. Many times, orthodontic care falls in this latter group.


However, there are ways to make orthodontics a priority in 2020. Here are a few that we think could help you get the modern orthodontic care that you want for yourself or your family this year.


  • Find your no. Self-care is sometimes difficult to prioritize. We have responsibilities and obligations that surround our lives. Sometimes, these influences have requests that need your resources devoted to them. However, per Psychology Today, a vital component of self-care and empowerment is to find your polite but firm “no.” Freeing up resources, whether it be time, attention, or financial, is one of the things that you can do to prioritize orthodontic treatment this year. In other words, finding your no might make it easier to say yes to addressing corrections to your smile or the smile of someone you love.


  • Schedule a consultation. Before you can make a plan, you will need to know what you are planning for. We recommend making an appointment for a consultation with an orthodontist to determine what type of treatment plan for you or someone you love. These consultations are usually free and have no obligation attached to them. Furthermore, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends having a first consultation with an orthodontist, preferably one that is affiliated with the AAO by age seven.


  • Get a second opinion, too. It is not a bad idea to get more than one consultation. As US News and World Report points out, different orthodontists have different ways of treating the same problems, and you might like one plan over another.


For many families or individuals, the finances of modern orthodontic treatment are an essential consideration. Here are three things that you can do to help make treatment more affordable.


  1. Check your dental insurance coverage. Some dental insurance plans cover part of orthodontic treatment, which can substantially reduce the amount you pay for treatment. So, if you have it, be sure to check your eligibility and requirements. Our staff can also help you navigate the process.


  1. Open a Health Savings Account. High deductible health savings plans allow individuals to contribute pre-tax dollars to a health savings account (HSA), which pays for your orthodontic treatment. If you enroll in one of these plans, you can open an HSA to pay for treatment. Per CNBC, Individuals can contribute up to $3,550 and families can contribute $7,100 to an HSA this year.


  1. Research your financial options. Many orthodontists offer no-interest financing options for those patients or patient representatives that qualify. At Bloom Orthodontics, we offer payment plans for our patients who qualify.There are also financial aid programs that, depending on your circumstances, could help cover the cost of treatment. Also, ask if there are discounts available if you pay in full up front.


There will always be a lot of things you have to do. It might be time to ensure that you have a blueprint to do the things you want to do also, which may or may not include improving the smile of you or someone you love this year.


The new year is often a time to assess one’s priorities. It’s also a great time to plan for what you want to accomplish. And, if you plan for it, you have a much better chance of getting the modern orthodontic treatment needed for yourself or someone you love well underway before the ball drops on 2021.



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