The Invisible Orthodontic Method

Traditional braces can be embarrassing for some people.

INBRACE is a system of fixed braces placed on the lingual, or tongue side of your teeth, hiding them from view. INBRACE is recommended for patients aged 15 and older.

Why you should consider INBRACE

INBRACE is undetectable to others.

People don’t notice INBRACE braces because they are on the backside of your teeth.

INBRACE allows the orthodontist more control over tooth movements.

One advantage of fixed appliances for braces is that the doctor can manage the outcome, which can lead to shorter treatment times.

INBRACE doesn’t require “patient compliance.”

With clear aligner therapy, you are responsible for wearing your appliance for them to work. With fixed appliances, you will wear them all the time without thinking about it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about misplacing them.

INBRACE reduces the required number of in-office visits.

INBRACE uses their proprietary Smartwire technology, which means the same wire adjusts your teeth for months at a time. The technology translates into fewer appointments and a more convenient treatment type for our patients with a busy schedule.

INBRACE allows for better hygiene and doesn’t stain teeth.

Unlike conventional braces, it is easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy with INBRACE. You brush and floss like normal. Traditional braces require special tools to floss.

INBRACE is affordable.

INBRACE is priced in the same range as clear aligner therapy.

If you are interested in INBRACE for your treatment or for the treatment of someone you love, please schedule an appointment with our office for an evaluation.

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