Inbrace evaluations: what to expect during your treatment

Regardless of your age, a straight smile is always desirable and yet orthodontic treatments for braces and aligners remain daunting for several reasons. Braces are known to cause a fair bit of discomfort and pain – and let’s not talk about the challenge of removing food that gets stuck between the wires! Alternative treatments such as clear aligners need to be removed for meals and can only be removed for up to two hours per day, making it difficult to enjoy simple activities such as going out for coffee with a friend. Luckily, INBRACE has developed a fantastic alternative with fully invisible braces placed on the backside of the teeth. The treatment uses memory wire that shortens treatment times, is more hygienic, doesn’t leave stains and makes it much easier to brush and floss.

A select number of orthodontic practitioners offer INBRACE treatments – check with your local orthodontists to find a provider that is able to assist and remember to check with your insurance about the possibility of dental and orthodontic coverage. Bloom Orthodontics is a licensed provider of the INBRACE treatment. A visit to the orthodontist can sometimes be as nerve-wracking as heading to the dentist, but with the excellent and reassuring services offered at Bloom Orthodontics, there’s nothing to worry about!

This is what to expect during your INBRACE treatment:
Your orthodontist will usually take a digital scan of the teeth using a 3D scanner at your initial appointment. The pictures taken will then be combined to create a digital replica of your current teeth alignment. INBRACE technology uses these pictures to reposition the teeth into a perfect smile. After your initial appointment and the scanning of your teeth, a smart wire tailored to your specific treatment requirements will be shaped. The smart wire will be inserted at a follow-up appointment that usually takes place 4 weeks later.
Your orthodontist may ask you to schedule a conditioning appointment two weeks prior to the insertion of the INBRACE wires into your mouth. At this appointment, small metal buttons will be bonded to the backside of the teeth. This will allow you to get used to the feeling of having wires placed at the backside of the teeth and will make it easier to adjust to eating and speaking before your INBRACE treatment is inserted.

At the follow-up appointment, the smart wire will be inserted and attached to brackets placed at the back of your teeth. The wire moves gently to straighten the teeth without hindering dental hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing. Keep in mind that just as with regular braces, sticky and hard foods should be avoided as they can still damage the wires and prolong treatment periods.

The INBRACE wires will be removed once your orthodontist has determined that the treatment is complete and that your perfect smile has been achieved – all without the aches and pains associated with regular orthodontic treatments such as braces! If you have any questions or concerns about the INBRACE treatment and what to expect at your first consultation, head over to our contact page or call the Bloom Orthodontics Long Beach office where our friendly receptionist will be happy to help.