How to keep your smile straight once orthodontic treatments are complete

The tough times you endure while wearing braces aren’t for nothing and as time passes, you’ll notice that your teeth are looking great – so great that you can’t wait for your braces to come off! While it’s finally time to show off that beautiful straight smile, it’s also time to start considering how to keep your teeth straight in the years to come. Orthodontic care providers usually recommend retention plans to ensure that those pearly whites are kept in pristine condition. Below are some of the treatments that you might expect to receive once your braces have been taken off.


A retainer is used to prevent teeth from losing the positions that they have been pushed into during your orthodontic care. There are two types of retainers, namely removable and permanent. Regardless of the type of treatment recommended once your braces have come off, it is important to realize that retainers play a pertinent role in maintaining your beautiful smile and straight teeth.

Removable retainers generally consist of an acrylic mold that is tailored to the needs of your specific treatment and fitted with wires that fit across the front of your teeth. Some retainers are clear and molded to fit over all of the teeth. Depending on the retention plan recommended by your orthodontist, these retainers might have to be worn all the time or just at night while sleeping. Retainers are often customizable so make it a fun and personalized experience by choosing a color that you love –perhaps one that matches your pajamas? Remember to keep your retainer clean by scrubbing it gently with a toothbrush and soaking it in alcohol-free mouthwash.

Permanent retainers, often called fixed retainers, are thin wire permanently attached to the back of the teeth. These usually stretch across several teeth and provide great results in keeping teeth straight and fixed in their new positions. Wires are usually placed well to avoid difficulties with flossing and plaque build-up.

Tooth Whitening

It is very common for teeth to have spots or discoloration after undergoing orthodontic treatment. Your teeth might seem to be a bit yellow or calcified but this is nothing to be worried about. Speak to your orthodontist about potential procedures such as teeth cleaning or teeth whitening treatments that are sure to have your teeth white and shiny in no time! Once your braces have been removed, be sure to wait at least a month before proceeding with whitening treatments as your teeth will be tender and sensitive for a while.

Follow-up Appointments

Subsequent check-ups and regular visits to both your dentist and orthodontist are a great way to keep your teeth straight once orthodontic treatment is complete. Treatments such as standard cleaning and regular check-ups make it easy for dental practitioners to recognize any problems or orthodontic care relapses such as teeth that have shifted.

Bloom Orthodontics

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