Get Your Deep Bite Corrected In Long Beach

You probably don’t know what a deep bite is. The truth is, this is a very common problem and yet you’ve probably never heard of it. But what you don’t know can hurt you, and a deep bite can cause problems that can threaten your oral health and make you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Do you have a Deep Bite?

If you have a problem with crooked teeth or overcrowding in your mouth, then you might have a deep bite. This is also known as an overbite, where the upper front teeth overlap the bottom teeth when the back teeth are touching. A slight overbite is normal, but when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth too much it can cause a variety of problems both dental and aesthetic.

The Problem with a Deep Bite

You might be tempted to ignore a deep bite, particularly if you’re concerned about getting extensive dental work. However, the longer you ignore this problem the worse it will get. Over time, the problems caused by a deep bite can cause serious issues for your dental health, for your appearance, and for your ability to chew effectively. Here are the most common issues that you may experience if you have a deep bite:

  • You may become self-conscious and unwilling to open your mouth to smile because of the appearance of your teeth.
  • Painful sores can develop in the roof of your mouth because your teeth are crooked and keep biting into the flesh.
  • Your lower front teeth may wear down more quickly, resulting in tooth loss.
  • It can cause headaches or neck pain.

The Causes of a Deep Bite

A deep bite is a very common problem and one that’s often overlooked. There are several factors that can cause it including the following:

  • Strong biting muscles, which are usually caused by habitual clenching or grinding.
  • A small lower jaw, which can cause the lower teeth to grow incorrectly and result in overcrowding and problems with alignment.
  • Genetics.
  • Poor dental health.

How an Orthodontist can Treat a Deep Bite

When you visit your orthodontist with a deep bite, they will need to do a thorough examination to determine the extent of the problem. This will help them understand your condition and how to fix it.

Typically, there are two ways to fix a deep bite. Firstly, the upper or lower teeth can be realigned. There are several options for this including Inbrace, which are the latest, invisible braces, or Invisalign, which are invisible and removable orthodontic appliances that can gently push your teeth into alignment.

If the dental issues caused by your deep bite are quite severe, other treatments may be necessary. Your orthodontist may need to elongate your side and back teeth or move the upper and lower front teeth up into the bone. You may also need to have restorative work done to correct any damage done to other teeth.

For expert information on the best deep bite treatment for you, contact your trained and experienced Orthodontist. Whether you live in Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach or Signal Hill in California, our staff at Bloom Orthodontics are ready to help.