Dreading Getting Braces? Consider Inbrace!

Few people are excited to hear they need braces to fix their teeth. Not only do braces detract from one’s aesthetic appearance, they are also a challenge to maintain and to care for. Regular braces require constant and rigorous cleaning to protect them from staining, bacteria and gum disease. So if your dentist in Long Beach, CA recommends you to get braces, you are most likely dreading it.

Fortunately, there is a solution for your problem. The top dentists, engineers and scientists of the country teamed up to redefine orthodontic treatment for both patients and orthodontists. The result of their efforts was Inbrace, a cutting-edge technology that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional braces and promotes faster dental healing and recovery.

Today, Inbrace treatment is available for residents of Long Beach, CA. You can now get your teeth fixed in no time—all thanks to this cutting-edge technology!

What is Inbrace?

Inbrace is the newest orthodontic technology available in the market today. With Inbrace protecting your teeth, you can actually enjoy your orthodontic treatment instead of dreading it. Think of it as a reinvented and upgraded version of your regular braces that promises to restore your beautiful smile in no time.

Most braces are inserted on top of your teeth, fully visible and less than appealing. Not so with Inbrace, which is fixed at the back of your teeth and is 100% invisible. The wires and brackets are completely hidden from view and work on fixing your teeth without affecting your facial appearance.

Inbrace gives you the benefits of seamless orthodontic treatment without causing you discomfort in any way. It enables you to keep your teeth clean and healthy with less risk of staining or infection. With aligners, you have to be very careful not to lose the trays whenever you remove them. But Inbrace is fixed firmly at the back of your teeth, so there’s no need to worry about losing it.

Why go for Inbrace?

Inbrace offers a range of benefits for crooked or misaligned teeth. Here’s why these braces are all the rage among orthodontic patients in Long Beach, CA:

  • Zero hassle

One of the reasons people hate wearing braces is because of the hassle of cleaning them. With Inbrace, there’s no need to worry. Unlike traditional braces where you need to string the floss underneath the wire, the Inbrace wire curve towards the gums between the teeth so you can actually floss as if you don’t have braces on.

  • Fewer appointments

The Inbrace wires are customized to each patient and has the end result programmed into the wires so less visits are needed throughout treatment. This is great for patients who have a busy and active lifestyle.

  • Faster treatment

With individualized wire technology, tooth movement is more efficient. Therefore the treatment period is significantly reduced, and your teeth can be corrected in a few short months.

  • Get that smile back!

The way regular braces are designed, they can really affect the beauty of your smile while you are in treatment. This is not the case with Inbrace, which allows you to have a beautiful smile even while you are in treatment. Working constantly but unobtrusively to fix your teeth, Inbrace enables you to really feel the benefits of repairing your teeth during the whole process, not just afterwards.

So if you’re planning to get braces, make sure to go for Inbrace. Only the most current and up-to-date orthodontists in Long Beach, CA are offering Inbrace technology in their orthodontic treatments. The best thing is that it costs around the same as clear aligners, so you won’t have to break the bank to get this treatment.