Affording Treatment: Can You Afford Braces?


Braces are an investment in your smile. Depending on your case and your budget, it can affect how much of an investment you make. However, with today’s modern orthodontic practice, you can often find ways to make the price tag more affordable.

It is difficult to give a price for orthodontics. Many factors affect how much of an investment your treatment will require. The patient’s age, the nature of their diagnosis, and the type of braces the patient chooses are examples of variables that change the investment level.

However, you can come up with a range or average price for braces. Per US News and World Report, a 2013 survey gave a range of $4,685 to $6,500 for adolescents and $4,800 to $7,135 for adults. However, some types of orthodontic treatment can be considerably less while some others are significantly more.

Today, those rates haven’t changed much. Per, the average cost of braces in 2019 in Los Angles for adolescents is $5,500 and $5,900 for adults. (To see for yourself, click here.)

There are multiple ways that you can make braces more affordable. Here are a few that we recommend.

Check with your dental insurance. For our patients with dental insurance, find out what your benefits are for orthodontic treatment and, specifically, braces. That coverage will significantly reduce your investment right off the top. Some things to remember about dental insurance coverage:

  • They often cover children under 18 who have bite problems, and braces will improve how they chew.
  • They often do not include adult orthodontics, meaning people over 18
  • They usually do not cover orthodontics for cosmetic purposes.
  • They do not always cover Invisalign or braces that are not metal braces.
  • They sometimes spread the payment throughout treatment rather than lump-sum payments.

Pay in full for a discount. Most practices, including Bloom Orthodontics, will give a discount for up-front payment. Ask what the discount would be if you think this option will work for you.

Start a Health Savings Account. Per the IRS, Health savings accounts are acceptable forms of payment for orthodontics. Moreover, HSAs have triple tax benefits.

  • The contributions are tax-deductible.
  • The balance in the account grows tax-free.
  • The withdrawals are tax-free provided you use them for HSA qualified expenses.

Ask your employer if you have access to an HSA as part of your benefits package.

Forgo the non-traditional braces types. When cost is a deciding factor, traditional braces are the way to go. Metal braces are just as effective as clear aligners and lingual braces, and in some cases, more effective depending upon your diagnosis. However, clear aligners and lingual braces have a higher price tag and are often not covered by insurance plans.

Use the practice’s payment plan. Most orthodontic practices are comfortable with allowing patients who qualify to use a payment plan for their treatment. Be sure to talk with the treatment plan coordinator to see what options are available to you, including dental credit programs. Many times, these specialty programs offer financing rates that are lower than traditional credit plans.

Self-finance the treatment. Credit cards and personal loans from your bank or credit union will also work. Many times, you can get longer terms on the loan for treatment, which will reduce the monthly payment for you. However, the interest rates are high on self-financing, so proceed with caution here.

It has never been easier to afford orthodontic treatment. The first step, however, is to know how much you might need. Most orthodontic practices (including Bloom Orthodontics) offer a free, no-obligation consultation to determine what treatment you or someone you love needs and what investment that would require.

To schedule your free consultation today, call Bloom Orthodontics office in Long Beach at 562-421-8883.

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