At Bloom Orthodontics in Long Beach, we are proud to offer you

Orthodontic treatment for children, teens, and adults

Our doctor has extensive, specialized experience treating patients of all ages, from early childhood to adults and everything in between.

Affordable, high-quality treatment

Our state-of-the-art materials are safe for you and your loved ones but won’t give you sticker shock. We also accept all major insurance and have payment plans to meet your needs.

Cutting-edge technology and treatment options

Our newly designed office and upgraded imaging tools include digital photography and x-rays, which are more comfortable and safer for patients. We also feature the latest invisible treatment options, so only you and your doctor need to know you have “braces.”

Focus on patient care, not on productivity

Our goal is to ensure that our patients are comfortable and satisfied with their treatment progress. We spend our appointment time with patients making sure of it and answering your questions.

Individualized treatment plans

We keep our Long Beach orthodontic practice smaller so we can work with each patient and family to personalize the treatment to fit your lifestyle. We take a boutique approach rather than one that resembles an assembly line.

No more gagging

As proud owners of an iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner, we are a digital impression practice. We take pictures of your mouth to get the information we need. In other words, no more biting into a tray of foul-tasting goop that makes you gag.

Patient experience is our number one priority.

We strive to make your treatment as convenient as possible.

We produce our treatment and records in-house, so we do not need to refer to outside labs that can lead to longer timelines and more appointments for setting up your treatment tools.

Our digital 3D Scanner captures the images we need of your teeth, eliminating the need to come back for retakes. Plus, the digital records it produces allow for faster processing time for your braces.

High-quality products mean less breakage and fewer emergency visits to replace a bracket or tray.

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Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Vu, our USC- and UCLA-trained, and board-certified Orthodontist in Long Beach.

Meet Your Team

Our team members are friendly and knowledgeable. Many of them are also bilingual.